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Conditions We Treat at Houston Spine and Regenerative Medicine

Are you staying awake at night due to a swollen shoulder joint or unable to walk as a result of lower back pain? Stop thinking about surgery and quit taking painkillers. Choose the best option for regenerative medicine treatments in Texas. The conditions we treat here at Houston Spine and Regenerative Medicine in Houston and The Woodlands, TX are extensive.
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Conditions We Treat

Using regenerative treatments, we offer holistic care without invasive therapies. Whether you suffer from arthritis, degenerative disc, or a rotator cuff tear, our modalities can reduce pain and improve healing. See more about the types of conditions we treat with regenerative services that range from stem cell therapy to cold laser therapy.
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Spinal Issues

Some of the most common spinal disorders that you may suffer from that we can treat include degenerative disorders. One of the most common degenerative conditions we see in our office is degenerative disc disease. This involves the degeneration of the spinal disc and vertebrae along the spinal column. When you suffer from degeneration at the tissue level, or within cells, regenerative medicine supports successful regenerative growth. This includes degenerative disc disease of worn-out vertebrae in the spine. Stem cell support at the cellular and molecular levels is part of the process of regenerative treatment. This type of holistic and all-natural care also helps the body improve its functionality and slow down further degeneration due to chronic degenerative diseases. We can treat all of these degenerative conditions using regenerative services along with other treatments including stem cell therapy and connective tissue matrix.
Patient holding his lower back because of pain

Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and Facet Joint Arthritis

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are many ways stem cell therapies can help patients with degenerative conditions. This includes arthritis, as well as osteoarthritis (OA), which is the most common type of this degenerative disease. This also treats facet joint arthritis, which occurs in the lower back of the spine.

Stem cell therapy for arthritis is under the watchful eye of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is used in clinical research. With injections of stem cells from the patient, individuals are able to regrow cartilage and ease pain from arthritis, including facet joint arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Patient holding his lower back because of pain

Failed Surgery

Back surgery is always a risk, especially due to the occurrence of failed surgery. What if you have exploratory back surgery to treat pain and it turns out they can’t find anything wrong when they conduct the surgery? Along with being stuck in bed for a long and painful recovery, you will continue to suffer from back pain.

Fortunately, regenerative medicines, including stem cell therapy, work to support failed surgery recovery.
Patient holding his lower back because of pain

Labral Tear

If you are suffering from hip pain, you might have a labral tear. This is a tear in the labrum or cartilage that is located in the hip joint socket. If this tissue becomes overused or is abnormally shaped, it will cause a labral tear.

The condition is quite painful and reduces mobility, but can be treated using regenerative medicine treatments. This will help you avoid hip surgery and increase your mobility again after a labral tear. Regrowing stem cells in the hip socket is important as this aids in flexibility and the natural support of the hip and joint bones and muscles.
Patient holding his lower back because of pain

Meniscal Tear

The meniscus is a strip of the cartilage in the knee that is necessary for moving the knee. If you have a meniscal tear, this will cause swelling and pain, forcing you off of your feet.

You can have a meniscus tear from an acute injury or over time due to wear and tear. The torn cartilage can be mended using regenerative treatments, including stem cell therapy. The tissue and cartilage need to be regrown in order for you to be able to regain the mobility of your knee and lower leg.
Patient holding his lower back because of pain

Rotator Cuff Tear

A rotator cuff tear is a common type of injury in the shoulder and its tendon muscles. When these muscles are torn, the shoulder swells and you are most likely to be unable to move it without pain in the nerve endings. Signs you have a rotator cuff tear injury include not being able to lift your arm to brush your hair.

Using regenerative treatments, Houston Spine and Regenerative Medicine supports healthy cell stimulation and pain relief. We can help reduce the swelling in the rotator cuff and return the tendons to the proper position without surgery or drugs.

Treat Your Conditions By Regenerative Services

The use of regenerative medicine by Houston Spine and Regenerative Medicine provides valuable medical services for the conditions listed here. We are readily available for the residents of The Woodlands and Houston, Texas. Get started with regenerative treatments in Houston with Houston Spine & Regenerative Medicine today. Contact us and schedule your appointment!

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