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Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment in The Woodlands and Houston

Are you looking for back pain treatment near me? Houston Spine & Regenerative Medicine offers back pain treatment in the Woodlands and Houston that utilizes holistic treatments and minimally invasive procedures in order to help reduce pain and heal your injury. Each treatment program is tailored to the individual and is adjusted as you heal.
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Causes of Back Pain

Back pain can severely limit your mobility and cause you to miss work, but our chiropractors and pain management specialists can help determine the cause of your back pain.

  • Arthritis – Arthritis can cause inflammation and swell in the joints, which can narrow the space around the spinal cord, causing pain and stiffness.
  • Bulging, Ruptured, or Herniated Discs - Herniated discs occur when cracks appear in the outer layer of the disk and allow the inner material to bulge or when the disc slips out of place, pressing against nerves and other soft tissues. This condition can cause pain and stiffness in the back.
Medical illustration of Degenerative disc disease
  • Degenerative Disc Disease – Degenerative disc disease occurs when the spinal discs slowly break down over time. This is considered an age-related condition.
  • Overuse and Poor Posture – Overuse of the back via manual labor jobs or hobbies or having poor posture when working, watching TV, and using your computer and other digital devices can lead to back pain and stiffness.
  • Sciatica – Sciatica is a pinching or compression of the sciatic nerve. It can cause pain in the lower back as well as down one or both legs. It typically occurs due to one or more herniated discs.
  • Strains and Sprains – Sprains and strains from heavy lifting or sudden movement can cause pain, loss of range of motion, and muscle spasms.

Regenerative Treatment for Back Pain

Regenerative treatments, such as platelets, bone marrow aspirates, and stem cells can be used to treat back, neck, and joint pain. They help by increasing the rate of healing, which helps reduce pain while increasing circulation to the injured joint, muscle, or tendon. Regenerative medicine can be used to treat arthritis, back and neck pain, sprains, and strains, tendinitis, joint pain, and TMJ.

Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain (mesenchymal)

Female patient getting a stem cell therapy in the clinic

It is estimated that back pain affects more than 632 million people across the globe or about 68 percent of the adult population. The good news is that mesenchymal stem cell therapy can help reduce pain and heal back injuries. Mesenchymal Stem cells for back pain treatments are typically harvested from the patient's own bone marrow or from mesenchymal stem cells gathered from other sources. The harvested cells are then injected into the injured area of the body. While mesenchymal stem cell therapy for back pain is still considered experimental and research is ongoing, it is being used to help fascinated the repair of herniated discs or discs that are affected by degenerative disc disease.

Connective Tissue Matrix (CTM)

Connective tissue matrix (CTM) injections are used to treat back pain that is associated with arthritis and degenerative joint disease. It helps to cushion the joints and relieve the pain associated with bone-on-bone rubbing or grinding. Additionally, it can help repair damage to the soft tissues in the spine, including tendons and ligaments. CTM injections are created using placental tissue that is donated after live births. The injections contain a few stem cells and a lot of growth factors that can help in healing back and neck injuries.

Regenerative Medicine for Back Pain

Houston Spine & Regenerative Medicine provides a variety of non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments for back, neck, and joint pain, including stem cell therapies and connective tissue matrix injections. Each treatment program is tailored for the individual, their treatment goals, and the type and severity of the injury, and we only recommend surgery as a last resort.

To learn more about our back pain treatment in the Woodlands and Houston, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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