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As Houston's top choice for Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Therapy, Connective Tissue Matrix, and Tissue Repair we provide many different treatment options for our patients. Each patients' treatment is custom-tailored to their specific needs. If you are interested in learning more about our three areas of care, you can quickly visit each section by clicking on the buttons below:

Regenerative Medicine

If you are looking for regenerative medicine in the Woodlands and Houston, we can help you. We are Houston Spine & Regenerative Medicine, and we are proud to provide regenerative medicine services to individuals and families in the local area. We can help you recover from a variety of ailments while also minimizing complications and side effects.
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Doctor doing the stem cell research
Female patient getting a Regenerative Medicine at Houston Spine

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy

Welcome to Houston Spine & Regenerative Medicine. If you are looking for mesenchymal stem cell therapy in the Woodlands and Houston, we can help you. Our goal is to provide you with treatment options that can help you achieve a complete recovery while also limiting complications and side effects. It would be our pleasure to help you recover from injuries and issues of joint degeneration.
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Connective Tissue Matrix

Damaged tissues and muscles can cause acute and chronic pain, negatively impacting someone's ability to complete daily activities. Activities as simple as walking, running, or playing with children can feel impossible to do with tissue damage. From tendonitis to joint damage and arthritis, these conditions can lower someone's quality of life and lead to severe pain.
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Doctor makes a Connective tissue injection to the patients back due to cell damaged
Doctor Injects Connective tissue matrix into Patient’s Damaged Knee

Tissue Repair

Houston Spine and Regenerative Medicine offer science-backed tissue repair and regeneration services that can successfully treat conditions affecting connective, muscle, nervous, and epithelial tissue. Our state-of-the-art stem cell and regenerative medicine therapies are designed to alleviate symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disorders, chronic joint pain, diabetic ulcers, and many other painful conditions.
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We provide regenerative medicine in Greater Houston. If you are looking for regenerative medicine in the Woodlands and Houston, we can help you. We are a multidisciplinary practice that specializes in rehabilitation and pain relief. We give you access to some of the top physicians in the local area, and we are proud to be led by top doctors in Texas.
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