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Connective Tissue Matrix

Connective Tissue Matrix in The Woodlands and Houston

Damaged tissues and muscles can cause acute and chronic pain, negatively impacting someone's ability to complete daily activities. Activities as simple as walking, running, or playing with children can feel impossible to do with tissue damage. From tendonitis to joint damage and arthritis, these conditions can lower someone's quality of life and lead to severe pain.

Fortunately, Houston Spine and Regenerative Medicine offer a connective tissue matrix in the Woodlands and Houston, TX. We use the power of regenerative medicine and connective tissue implants to help reduce pain, swelling, and help damaged tissues recover naturally.
Doctor makes a Connective tissue injection to the patients back due to cell damaged
Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions we get asked about connective tissue matrix include:

What Does Connective Tissue Matrix Mean?

The connective tissue matrix is composed of collagens, glycoproteins, proteoglycans, mucins, elastic fibers, and growth factors in the connective tissues. Unlike other fibers of the human body, the connective tissue is rich in a variety of cells scattered through fibrous proteins and glycoproteins.

These connective tissues are essential in helping repair damage to all types of cells, including cells located in the skin, bone, cartilage, tendon, ligament, and muscle tissues of the body.

How Connective Tissues Are Used for Regenerative Medicine

Doctor makes a Connective tissue injection to the patients back due to cell damaged

Connective tissue matrix, or CTM injections, are a type of regenerative medicine technique that relies on connective tissues in the body to repair damaged tissues. Using the body's natural connective tissue matrix, these injections are placed directly into the site of injury or damaged tissue.

These injections can help reduce the risk of re-injury, complications from surgery, or failure from surgery intended to repair damaged tissues. In addition, these connective tissue implants come in a variety of styles, including "Inject," "Pack; Fill; Spread", "Wrap; Cover; Protect" styles. This allows people to have a wide range of injections to choose from.

CTM: The Human Element

CTM implants can help to cover and protect muscles and tissues, or they can aid in the healing and recovery of damaged tissues. Because Connective Tissue Matrix is rich in a variety of proteins, collagen, and glycoproteins, this is a tissue that can help reduce pain and repair damaged tissues by being injected directly into the site of injury.

CTM injections have been shown to also have anti-inflammatory effects, reducing pain in patients and working just like a traditional steroid would. The difference is that CTM injections are made with natural cells from the body. Several CTM implants are available for use today, including:

Doctor makes a Connective tissue injection to the patients back due to cell damaged
  • CTM Flow & CTM Boost (Inject style) - Our allograft tissue injections are screened prior and are high-quality products. They can be used in patients with osteoarthritis issues, including those that need orthopedic, spinal, and oral surgeries. Burn victims and cardiac patients are also good candidates for our allograft tissue CTM Flow & CTM Boost products.
  • CTM Paste (Pack, Fill, Spread style) - This allograft tissue product is designed to be used to regenerate damaged tissues. It can be stored at room temperature and is 100% sterile.
  • CTM Thin, CTM Thick, & CTM X-Thick (Wrap, Cover, Protect style) - Our Extracellular matrix implant can help communicate with cells in order to promote cell growth, cell movement, and other cell functions. Extracellular matrix implants can help in wound healing.

Connective Tissue Matrix Implants in Greater Houston

Whether you need help in choosing the right connective tissue implants, are looking for a connective tissue matrix near me, or want to learn more about regenerative medicine, Houston Spine & Regenerative Medicine has you covered.

We offer a connective tissue matrix in the Woodlands and Houston, TX. We make it our mission to help our patients recover from pain and discomfort associated with injured tissues and musculoskeletal ailments. We provide high-quality services and products to help your body heal naturally and improve your overall well-being. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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