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Regenerative Pain Management In The Woodlands & Houston

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The human body can fall prey to all kinds of painful disorders and conditions, with symptoms ranging from joint pain and stiffness to neurological impairment. Many people who suffer from these issues assume that they can only get relief through major surgery. Thankfully, if you're struggling with nagging pain, you'll find a wealth of non-invasive treatment options here at Houston Spine and Regenerative Medicine, your source for state-of-the-art regenerative pain management in Houston and The Woodlands.

Conditions Treated By Regenerative Pain Management

Our regenerative therapy and pain management center routinely provide effective treatment for a wide range of chronic pain conditions. We can help patients suffering from any of the following problems:

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  • Spinal issues - Spinal issues typically involve degeneration of the vertebral bones and intervertebral discs, reducing spinal function and contributing to chronic nerve compression. Regenerative medicine can treat these forms of degeneration at the cellular level.
  • Arthritis, osteoarthritis, and facet joint arthritis - Arthritis (joint pain and inflammation) can take many forms, from osteoarthritis that stems from cartilage and tear to arthritis in the facet joints of the spine. Regenerative techniques such as stem cell therapy can help damaged cartilage rebuild itself.
  • Failed surgery - Back surgery poses some significant risks, including the risk that the surgery may fail, leaving you in even more pain than before your procedure. Instead of undergoing repeated corrective surgeries, you can help your spinal column heal itself through regenerative medicine.
  • Labral tear -The labrum is the cartilage that lines your hip's ball-and-socket joint. When this cartilage wears out or tears in an injury, it can create hip stiffness, clicking or locking sensations, and pain in the hip or buttock.
  • Meniscal tear - Athletes and non-athletes alike can tear the meniscal cartilage in a knee, either through an acute injury or a degenerative process. If your knee locks up, hurts, or feels unstable, it may need a course of regenerative treatment.
  • Rotator cuff tear - If you've torn any of the muscles or tendons that make up your shoulder's rotator cuff, you may not be able to perform common tasks or even lift your arm without pain. Our natural regenerative techniques can help you heal from this kind of tear.

Symptoms Treated by Regenerative Medicine

Wherever the body relies on joints and connective tissues to permit motion, painful and/or debilitating symptoms may occur. Regenerative medicine can help manage such distressing symptoms as:

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  • Neck pain - We can treat neck pain related to whiplash injuries, degenerative damage to the cervical discs, and other medical challenges that make your neck stiff and painful.
  • Back pain - Back pain can affect your upper back, middle back, or lower back, limiting your ability to sleep, work, play sports, or perform household chores. Degenerative spinal conditions often lead to chronic back pain that responds well to regenerative treatment.
  • Foot and ankle pain - A variety of foot conditions, from plantar fasciitis to Morton's neuroma, can make walking or run impossibly painful. Sprains, strains, arthritis, and other problems can leave you with nagging ankle pain. Regenerative medicine can help ease inflammation and repair tissue damage.
  • Hip pain - Hip pain from a labral tear or degeneration of the joint cartilage can cause you to limp painfully or feel pains in your buttock and leg. 
  • Shoulder and elbow pain - Shoulder pain can rob you of your ability to raise your arms or carry heavy objects. Elbow pain from conditions such as tennis elbow can also render an upper extremity all but useless.
  • Hand and wrist pain - Hand and wrist pain that interferes with your manual dexterity may stem from carpal tunnel syndrome or other conditions that respond to regenerative medical treatment.

How Regenerative Medicine is Transforming Pain Management

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Regenerative medicine and pain management quite literally make a natural combination. Techniques such as PRP and stem cell therapy accelerate and support the body's own inherent cellular regeneration processes, helping tissues regenerate from within. These advances in medical care can help patients avoid painful, debilitating surgery and reliance on potentially dangerous prescription medications to manage their symptoms and conditions.

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